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Post by Silversong on Jul 4, 2012 15:28:24 gmt -8

Beatricehill asked: are they small pauls?

Very much so, imo, Beatrice. On the right, Paul is almost as small as Ringo. It's possible people see things differently, and from a different perspective at times. I think it all evens out at the end of the day, though. This is a case of multiples, and most likely clones.

The same guy would always be 100% identical. Clones are 95-99% similar. Doubles with surgery and make-up couldn't even come close to that. The celebrity replacements threads on all these forums seem to bear this out very well. It's much, much easier to spot them when they're a totally different person than when they're a clone.

Post by Silversong on Jul 4, 2012 16:22:11 gmt -8

In this interview which flashes back to the past, at 1:04 Paul says he is 5'11". He also says he's 21 at the time, so would that make this interview be during 1963?

Are those slit pupils or is it the studio lighting?

Later on in the video, which is mainly an interview from 1983, he lies a lot, and gives the thumbs-up a lot.


I keep seeing a weird concave spot under his left cheek.

At 11:32, what does he say his new album is called??? Peace of Pipes? Peeps of Pice? And says "It's a very easy title to remember".

Normal eyes here, but is the higher nostril on the wrong side of his face?

Signs of a mask?

На исходную Профилактика Др.си маска лифтинг отзывы